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CelluGen Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be the pioneer in the industry of stem cell since 2008. It has offered cutting-edge technology for collection, processing, and storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord.

CelluGen has established a state of the art processing and banking laboratory where stem cells / mononuclear cells isolated from the Umbilical Cord Blood, Cord Tissue. Amniotic Membrane, Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood can be harnessed.

CelluGen’s backbone is the ground breaking research in the field of stem cells and cellular therapy. ElixCell, an initiative of CelluGen Biotech Pvt. Ltd., provides innovative R&D with pure, viable and potent cells. Mononuclear cells and specially stem cells are one of the most exciting discoveries of the decade! They are considered to be the cornerstone of regenerative science.

CelluGen, a Private Limited Stem Cell Research company situated in Gurgaon, India was established in 2008.
CelluGen is a DCGI licenced Cord Blood Bank compliant with Good Tissue Practice (GTP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). CelluGen is a certified facility for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and accredited for ISO 9001-2015. Stringent guidelines of US-FDA, AABB, and FACT-NETCORD are also followed.

Cellugen follows the clinical practice guidelines set by international regulatory bodies on the collection and processing of cord blood.


ElixCell’s expertise is based on utilizing modern technology through scientific research and development. Our core group consists of highly trained and experienced scientists, researchers, clinicians, microbiologists, cell & blood processing professionals and medical professionals. They have vast experience in stem cell research and technology, with publications in national and international journals.