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Osteoarthritis & Increasing Access to Non Surgical Treatments

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Worldwide many people are seeking treatments, in order to get symptomatic relief from pain and functional dependency, associated with their hip and knee osteoarthritis. Apparently, osteoarthritis is one of the most prevalent forms of arthritis, which is affecting more than 30-45 million people in developed countries and is characterized by breakdown of cartilages, pain and inflammation.

Although, osteoarthritis cannot be cured with conventional medical treatment; number of ways have been outlined to control symptoms associated with the condition, such as chronic pain, restriction of movement, stiffness, etc. Thus, accordingly by just incorporating key alternative therapies, mentioned below in your day to day lifestyle, it is now possible to cope up with osteoarthritis.

Weight Management

A Lot of studies have been conducted to confirm that people with arthritis can improve their functional quality of life by losing weight. Since arthritis and joint pain are strongly associated with increased burden on weight bearing joints; it is very crucial to reduce weight in order to decrease pressure on the weight bearing joints, which ultimately lead to reduced friction, decreased joint pain and decreased inflammation.


Number of studies has confirmed that regular exercise is the key to avoid many health related issue in a person’s life. Thus, a planned work out can have an influential impact on reducing the functional disability and joint pain associated with arthritis. Accordingly, experts suggest that both range of motion as well as stretching exercises will be beneficial in reducing stiffness associated with joints, decreasing joint pain and improving practical ability to perform day to day activities.


Maintaining a healthy diet that is free from inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, sugar, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. can avoid inflammation and joint pain. Similarly, incorporation of anti-inflammatory food components, like cold water fish, omega 3 fatty acids, spicy food, etc; can provide relief from joint inflammation and swelling. In general, a thumb rule is to reduce portions with excess sugar but to consume lot of proteins and simple carbohydrates; to access maximum nutritional benefits.
Thus, by giving preference to balanced and nutritious diet; one can improve blood sugar level to facilitate proper circulation and hence initiate healing mechanism of the body.

Oral Supplements

For bearable to extreme joint pain and inflammation, some oral supplements such as non steroidal drugs can be prescribed in order to decrease sleep disturbances, ease out pain and reduce fatigue. However, it has to be noted that long term use of these drugs can be harmful in triggering other complications and hence should be consumed in case of emergency as prescribed by the treating physician.

Other Alternatives

Apart from the one listed above, other alternative treatment regimen can be applied to minimize pain and inflammation, and they can be:
• Hot and cold compresses
• Braces, inserts, supports, splints and physical exercises
• Acupuncture, as a natural way to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.
• Aromatherapy with lavender oil, castor oil, etc. along with Epsom salt is another natural way to get quick relief from joint pain.

However, it is always advisable to be in touch with an expert orthopedic for the right combination of treatments. Apparently with the scientific advancements and technological modifications, newer and better treatment modalities are being invented such as stem cells therapy.

Stem cells therapies have been identified to be having great potential in treating degenerative diseases, such as arthritis. Accordingly, lot of clinical studies have been registered and successfully completed with promising results, regarding stem cells’ capacity to stop/reduce the inflammation, reduce disease progression and achieve long term relief from chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Thus, continuous research and in depth analysis of clinical evidences can possibly bring new advances and cure with stem cells therapy, for the Stem Cell Treatment For Osteoarthritis.

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Diet rich in fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants have the property to negate inflammation consequences that usually makes you feel appalling and restricts your daily activities. The vitamins present in these dietary nutrients have been studied and its relationship to Osteoarthritis of the knee is well documented.


Almonds are one of the highest sources of Vitamin E. According to the study published in the year 2009 on 42 people who underwent knee surgery out of which 32 with stage 4 OA and 10 patients with injuries not associated with arthritis, it is revealed that people who consumed Vitamin E through Almonds had good effects since Almonds is tend to ameliorate the patient’s knee with OA by producing free radicals and acts as an antioxidant reserve.


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required by the body daily. Oranges are one of the most common and best sources of Vitamin C. Based on a study published in Arthritis Research and Therapy , Knee MRIs performed 10 years apart for  293 healthy middle aged adults showed people whose Vitamin C Intake is less has more changes with respect to their leg Bones as compared to ones who were consuming food rich in Vitamin C on a daily dietary basis . Vitamin C is considered as the precursor to the cartilage loss that marks OA of the knees.

Salmon / Break Fast Cereal :

Several diseases and health problem are symptoms of poor supply of Vitamin D in the body. The most familiar of them is soft bone disorders which also lead to OA of the Knees.  Salomon / Breakfast Cereals are  one of the richest sources of Vitamin D other than Milk. Vitamin D has the property to maintain strong bones and regulate the immune activity and also helps in reducing inflammation in the knees. As per research conducted and duly published by Arthritis and Rheumatism, 2009 reveals that higher Vitamin D levels may help in less cartilage loss in the knee over a three year period.


Most of us relate Spinach with a healthy vegetable which is rich in iron but besides that Spinach are excellent source of vitamin K. Vitamin K contributes to reducing the risk of OA in knee. It has been found that people whose Vitamin K levels are less have far greater chance of getting affected by osteoarthritis , as per study published in 2009 by Orthopedic Science.

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