The umbilical cord contains a jelly type material within its walls called Wharton’s jelly. Scientific research has shown that this is one of the richest sources of mesenchymal stem cells capable of self-renewal and differentiation. Hence it may find its potential use in future for management of various degenerative disorders.

Mesenchymal stem cells do not require a matched donor. This simply means that they can be infused to another recipient with no risk of rejection as these cells are immune privileged.


These potent stem cells can be expanded in a specialized laboratory for their clinical use with lowered risk of viral contamination. This is the reason they are known to be essential candidates for various autoimmune disorders.

Important functions of mesenchymal or tissue stem cells are :


Ongoing studies are constantly revealing that stem cells isolated from cord tissue have more potential than once thought. With the progress of stem cell base clinical trials they can be revolutionary in future for management of various diseases without a need of painful surgery, tedious wait for suitable organs and other complications.

Cord Tissue Stem Cells are Exhibiting Promising outcome for Treatment of :

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