Stem cells are one of the most exciting new discoveries of the decade! CelluGen Biotech Pvt, Ltd. is at the helm of cutting edge research in the field of regenerative science since 2008. CelluGen offers state of art technology in all facets of stem cell processing. CelluGen has introduced the first private umbilical cord pool banking concept in india with Mycord.

Recent developments have shown that stem cells can be a potential management tool to a full spectrum of medical disorders that unfortunately have limited treatment options. CelluGen’s dedicated 9 year old Research & Development Laboratory is focused on finding pioneering technologies for utilization of stem cells, with the aim to improve the quality of human life.


Our vision is to be the world leader in stem cell research by bringing technical expertise and cutting edge equipment in a state of the art facility comparable to best in the world under one roof. We envisage having a landmark foot print in Umbilical Cord Banking and the efficacy of its therapeutic application. Our efforts are consistently directed at making the science of stem cells accessible, comprehensive and cost effective.


  • CelluGen, a Private Limited Stem Cell Research company situated in Gurgaon, India was established in 2008.
  • CelluGen has established a processing and banking laboratory where stem cells are harnessed from the Umbilical Cord Blood for potential therapeutic applications.
  • CelluGen has expanded its considerable Research expertise into platforms of Pooled and Public banking of umbilical cords to make easily available the required umbilical cord unit for treatment when necessary.
  • CelluGen for the first time in India, unfolds the future of scaffolding by collecting, processing and storing the Amniotic Membrane. This has a tremendous potential for skin regeneration following burns, injuries and scaring.
  • The core team consists of highly trained and experienced scientists, researchers and medical professionals. They have vast experience in stem cell research and technology, with publications in national and international journals.


cellugen-building-copyCelluGen brings technical expertise and cutting edge equipment in a state-of-the-art facility comparable to the best in the world under one roof.

  • CelluGen has a well-established Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory built as per International standards for testing, processing and expansion of stem cells.
  • One of the unique features of the facility is utilization of the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen to store cord blood and cord tissue stem cells in liquid nitrogen tanks that are placed in a standardized Clean Room environment to prevent any kind of contamination.
  • CelluGen has the potential to cryo preserve more than 40,000 units of Cord Stem Cells processed in class 100 to class 10,000 clean room environment.
  • Care has been taken for uninterrupted, twenty-four hour cryo-preservation ensuring that the quality of cells is not compromised during processing or banking.




In less than 5% of blood related disorders, it is possible to use your own (autologous) Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB). Whereas in over 95% of all blood related disorders UCB of another person (allogenic) should be used for treatment. Most private stem cell banks in India focus on autologous utilization of cord blood which in essence limits usability. Mycord identifies the fallacies and has taken the responsibility to redefine private umbilical cord banking by introducing Pool Banking. Mycord intends to provide much needed hope and security by building a pool of allogenic UCB units so that the best matched cord blood unit can be made available. This advantage is for the Mycord pooled banked clients only.



A public cord blood bank is the initiative of CelluGen is Poised to become the largest public cord blood bank in India by adopting the concept of banking donor cords for allogeneic use through individual participation by members of the family who are in need of Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC’s ) transplant.



CelluGen’s backbone is the ground breaking research in the field of stem cells and cellular therapy. ElixCell, an initiative of CelluGen Biotech Pvt. Ltd., provides innovative R&D with pure, viable and potent cells.


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