PROC is an innovative and promising approach in regenerative medicine. It is defined as protein rich optimized cells- Optimal Purity. PROC processed by CelluGen is enriched with platelets, cytokines and growth factors for maximal benefits.

CelluGen state of art laboratory complaint with GTP and GCP, certified for GMP, GLP and accredited for ISO 9001- 2015, provides a specific preparation of PROC in which the cells are optimized to promote the healing of targeted tissue faster than the conventional bedside technique.

The high quality aspect of each product is confirmed with the accompanying COA. This is giving the treating doctor and patient alike a peace of mind that the quality product produced is tested for its safety and efficacy.

Factual Informations:-

  • Cellular based procedures should be carried under aseptic conditions in GMP and GLP facility
    Incubation of whole blood improve the quality of Platelet concentrate before PRP preparation1
  • PROC / PRP to be injected within 4 hours of preperation2
  • Excess leukocytes in PRP contribute to deleterious effect3
  • Higher platelet concentration gradient and higher recovery result in release of larger number of growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines, needed for cellular efficacy.


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The Scientific Publications often find the effectiveness of PRP as not conclusive and controversial, mainly due to the absence of qualified preparation protocols in the uncontrolled bed-side setting.