• Bone Marrow/Mobilized Peripheral Blood Cryopreservation & Thawing including testing.
  1. Stem Cell Unit CBC Analysis
  2. Stem Cell Unit Microbiological Sterility (7 days BacT/Alert)
  3. CD45, 7AAD viability)
  4. Stem Cell Unit Cell Viability (Trypan Blue)
  • Stem Cell Unit Plasma Depletion
  • Bone Marrow/Mobilized Peripheral Blood Debulking (plasma & RBC Depletion)
  • TCR ALPHA/BETA depletion (Hapioidentical Transplantation)
  • N K Cell enrichment
  • CD34+ Enrichment
  • Dendritic cell Enrichment
  • Stem Cell Unit CD34+ Enumeration
  • Report is sent within 5 hours of receipt of sample in our facility.
  • Follow-up reports are sent, if sample is preserved with us for more than 3 months.
  • Processing of Adipose derved tissues for stromal vascular factors (SVF).


Important: We require an intimation of one hour prior to the sample collection. (Subject to distance the timing can fluctuate)